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Fem!Harry. Yeah, it's AU. Willow Eris Potter, or rather Eris Black - as she goes by now, is so very tired of the Wizarding World. One day they're showering her in accola. This is a bunch of Harry Potter x Male reader oneshots as you can tell by the cover, because there are so very little of these on the internet, and coming from a trans male, that's kind of a big deal. I have posted all of these on my tumblr account: @accio-taurus, and if you'd like to read. Includes:Harry Potter,Ron Weasley,Fred & George Weasley,Draco Malfoy,James Potter,Sirius Black,Ramus Lupin,Severus snape,Tom Riddle and Newt Scamander. Add to library 54 Discussion 8 Browse more Fanfiction Fantasy Harry Potter Romance.

Harry Potter, Futa, Harem, MA, Hentai Foundry, Multi-Chapter, 50.000 Harry/Narcissa, Harry/Susan, Harry/Tracey, Harry/Twin, Harry/Daphne, Rihaan's Sticky Star, Fem!Harry, EmbreoRed Yule Ball Panic Jasmine Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived and an unwilling participant in the Triwizard Tournament, learns that she is expected to have a date to attend the Yule Ball. with the situation between Fleur and Fem!harry felling a lot more personal to Fleur because Fem!harry is a female and the way that Girls normal treat Fleur because she is part Veela. so she doesn't let her animosity with Fem!harry go for ruining what was supposed to be Fleurs moment as champion even if it wasn't Fem!harry fault. Harry Potter and the Girl Who Lived by Agnostics Puppet. Harry wakes in a universe where he meets, Rose, his female alternate self. Taken over from SilverAegis when he discontinued it.

25/01/2019 · The world of Harry Potter fan fiction can be highly overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner. There are so many acronyms! And portmanteaus! And fan fiction tropes which have become so pervasive, even diehard fans might be fooled into thinking they’re genuine JKR. This is Charlie x Harry This also includes different ships, boyxboy, and may include mature language You have been warned, don't like it, don't read it. There are millions of other harry potter books on wattpad, so don't go hating on them when you could just click off of it. Fem harry; Harriett Potter and co are getting drunk in Grimmauld place when Voldemort gains entrance. In a panic, Harri locks down the manor trapping everyone inside and leaving them powerless. With nothing else to do, it is only reasonable they play spin the bottle, right? After they both danced upon the bones of his father, Voldemort discovers Harry Potter is the seventh Horcrux he never intended to make. This changes everything. A ceasefire is agreed, Harry Potter is collateral - the target of Voldemort's newest, most potent obsession. Fem!Harry is a tag which refers to a female variant of Harry Potter within the Harry Potter fan-fiction community. Her origins, of which she roughly has two, stem from the gender of her writer, and tend to influence what type of character she is. When found as the main character, she is usually.

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